Our firm has the resources, experience, and depth of knowledge to offer the following services to individuals, non-profit organizations and trusts. We can deliver the services you need in a professional, fast, and cost-efficient manner.

Notary Services
I offer free Notary services to my clients.

Compilation, Review, and Audit Services
I provide professional compilation, review, and audit services to businesses, non-profit organizations and home owner associations of all sizes. I can quickly compile your financial records into meaningful GAAP-compliant financial statements, offer limited-scope review testing, and can deliver complete audit attestation.

IRS and State/Local Representation
If you are audited by the IRS would you know what to say or, more importantly, what not to say? I know the tax laws, and I know how your tax return was prepared. I can provide complete representation services before the IRS as well as state and local taxing authorities. I have extensive experience in negotiating with the IRS.

Trust Administration

I can act as the trustee of your trust assuming all duties of the trustee to assure the trust is managed as efficiently as possible which allow the maximum amount of resources to go to the beneficiaries of the trust. I pay all trust bills, manage trust assets with the help of your investment advisor and provide a detailed accounting of all trust transactions. I can also perform the same services for the trustee of the trust without taking on the duties of the acting trustee.

Accounting Services
Accounting is more than just numbers. It requires that I have an interest in and an understanding of your business. I prepare all financial statements from compilations and reviews to audits.

I also offer a monthly computerized bookkeeping service. Every month I will provide you with financial statements along with all the necessary ledgers and reconciliations of the business checking accounts.

The benefit of this service is manifold. First, it leaves you more time to tend to your business and second, it provides you with meaningful and useful information that you need to make management decisions. In addition, I will prepare all payroll reports and sales tax reports to assure that you meet the critical tax deadlines.

Tax Services
I offer a full range of tax planning and compliance services. I'm thinking about your taxes year round. As your CPA, it is important that I remain up-to-date with recent tax law changes, administrative, and tax court rulings that apply to you or your business. With my years of experience, I have the skill to help you find hidden deductions and guide you to maximum tax savings. My staff and I are experts in multi-state taxation and tax issues affecting older taxpayers. I prepare all individual, business, estate and trust returns, including all state returns-both resident and non-resident.

All returns are prepared on the computer and double checked to help assure accuracy and efficiency. I know that the best way to avoid an IRS audit is to file a complete and accurate tax return. I also offer a "no hassle" GUARANTEE. You will be totally satisfied with my tax service or I'll give you all your money back, plus a clean, crisp $100 bill for your time and trouble - GUARANTEED!

Sales Tax Services
I prepare all sales tax filings and offer full sales tax audit representation.

Estate, Gift and Trust Tax Return Preparation
I provide expert preparation of federal and state estate, gift, and trust tax returns.

Payroll Services
I offer complete payroll preparation and payroll tax reporting services. I prepare all federal and state quarterly returns and annual returns along with employee's W-2 forms.

Investment Review
Our firm will perform a custom portfolio analysis and review the risks and returns of specific investments including stocks, bonds, REITs, and limited partnerships. We will also determine an optimal asset allocation for you by taking your unique personal and financial goals and resources into account.